Professional Development

In this era of high-tech distractions, the age-old craft of storytelling can be a potent tool. Learn how to develop a narrative mindset and use storytelling techniques in writing and data visualization.

Led by Rochelle Sharpe, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former staff writer for The Wall Street Journal, the workshops help participants discover how to make their work clear, evocative, and surprisingly persuasive.

Participants learn the fundamentals of narrative, looking at word choice, sentence composition, and story structure. They also focus on best practices for incorporating data into their work as well as ways to make even the most complicated material simple and understandable.   Along the way, they discover easy methods to organize information and how to make the writing process less painful — and maybe even be fun.

Students dissect all kinds of writing and data visualizations, analyzing everything from passages from the Iliad to speeches by Donald Trump. They also participate in multiple short drills to practice what they are learning.  The workshop can be customized to meet people’s needs. Often, participants work with staff on upcoming presentations.

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