Private Coaching

My workshops help professionals discover the power of narrative thinking and explore ways to make their writing clear, memorable, and persuasive.  Participants learn how to improve presentations as well as create compelling data visualizations.

With case studies showing that narrative techniques can boost company sales by as much as 500%, it’s no wonder that many businesses now consider storytelling a strategic imperative. But these skills can affect much more than the bottom line. They can enhance decision-making and improve corporate culture. The reason: stories blend facts with feelings, allowing people to connect with others on an emotional level.

I customize all my workshops, developing exercises relevant to participants’ needs. Companies can request critiques of content on their websites or in their PowerPoint presentations. Everyone has the option to submit manuscripts in advance of a seminar, and there can be time for one-on-one meetings about individuals’ work.

In the main sessions, I discuss word choice, sentence composition, ways to organize information, and how to create narrative structures. Students practice what they learn with multiple short drills throughout the workshop. They also study all kinds of writing examples, ranging from passages from the Iliad to speeches by Donald Trump.